Vaping Is Revolutionizing The Tobacco Industry

Ecigs are taking the world by storm! Those that are old enough to remember will know that traditional cigarettes have had a colorful history. In the early 1900s cigarettes were reserved for the very wealthy… essentially the upper class.  When the World Wars occurred, cigarettes were more common place among the general population and were used widely by the armed forces. Post war, cigarettes gained a kind of coolness as celebrities were seen smoking them. One could smoke in the work place and there was no reason to think there was anything wrong.

Changing Perceptions

In the ’80s, perceptions began to change. Medical academics began to see correlations between people who smoke and lung cancer. This was of course refuted by the now large, rich, and influential cigarette producers. For many years, it was debated if there was a connection between smoking and cancers until the late 80s, the connection was officially recognized.

Since then, sentiment has changed towards cigarettes. In the UK, for example, tax on cigarettes has continued to rise over recent years, as the UK government attempts to stem cigarette sales due to related illnesses costing state-funding medical care too much. In sport and many, if not all other media outlets, cigarette advertisements are banned.

Vaping Revolution

In the last ten years, there has been a revolution in the industry in the form of ecigs or vaping. These products are touted to be the ultimate replacement for traditional cigarettes. They vaporize e-liquid instead of burning tobacco leaves, which is believed to have significantly less toxins. While smoking will never be healthy for the human body, vaping is the closest we’re going to get to a healthy way to inhale chemicals.

Another benefit of vaping is the variety and flexibility of these devices. Never before have you been able to have such a selection of flavors or vaporizers. You can customize your vape mod, making it match your outfit, more rectangular, cylindrical, an all-in-one, a two piece, or make it pink, yellow, or green. You name it, you can probably do it. Customization doesn’t stop there. There are a myriad of batteries to choose from too. The larger batteries offer more vaping time between charges and the smaller ones offer amazing portability. There are different mouth pieces or drip tips you can use too. One can also customize how it feels to draw vapor through the mouth piece. Different e-liquids have different levels of nicotine and give off different feelings. Some of them are smooth while others give a throat hit similar to cigarettes.

Think of ecigs like the iPods of their industry — they’re truly amazing and revolutionized the tobacco industry. In fact, many who try them don’t go back to smoking regular cigarettes. It’s become one of the most popular ways to quit smoking. With most places enforcing public smoking bans… ecigs are not banned. While I think it’s likely regulation and legislation is yet to catch up to the industry and the use of its products… it’s safe to say you can smoke these things pretty much where you like.