Ridiculous EU Vaping Laws

What the heck is going on over there in the EU? They have some of the most ridiculous vaping laws of all time. Restricting the size of tanks to 2 ml accomplishes what exactly? Making vapers carry three 10 ml bottles instead of one 30 ml bottle accomplishes what?

Now we have to refill more often and become more annoyed. We’re already pissed that we can relax and have to be on our toes all the time, now this. If the regulatory bodies would just leave us alone or better yet, actually help us secure our future that would be great. But no…they want to make our lives a living horror suspense movie.

Year after year we fight and fight for our rights. Something that shouldn’t have to be fought for. If we want to vape, let us vape! Why should anyone be able to tell us what we can and can’t vape? I fail to see how this protects anyone.

There has been a strict age limit on vaping for years, I get it. Protect the young kids from getting hooked on nicotine. That’s great! Beyond that, all these regulations seem to be aimed at hurting people who need vaporizers the most. If someone wants to quit smoking, forcing them to refill their tank over and over is a huge drawback. It’s just another reason they may stay on cigs. The whole reason vaping exists in the first place is because these regulatory bodies that are supposed to be protecting us, let tobacco companies destroy us for many many decades.

In response to the bludgeoning of our health by big tobacco, we created a way to recover. it’s called vaping. And now all of the sudden they want to jump in and save us from the dangers of not smoking. This would be comical if it wasn’t so serious, with millions of people;s lives on the line. There’s actually nothing funny about it but I may force a chuckle to prevent myself from crying at the thought of everyone staying on cigarettes as the regulators slowly tear down the best option smokers have at freedom.