The Not So Great Debate Over Vaping

There’s a debate going on right now, and it’s not all that great of a debate. To two contestants are Team Common Sense and Team Play Dirty, better known as Vaping vs Big Tobacco.

The debate is over the efficacy of vaping as a legitimate smoke cessation method. It’s not that simple though. Big brother is playing dirty. Through their clout and massive financial resources, they’ve succeeded in getting vaping casts in the same shadow as tobacco, even though it’s the furthest thing from it. All kinds of regulations are constantly being thrown at the vapor industry for no good reason. New bills are threatening the very existence of the vape marketplace, and could be the beginning of the end for the industry.

Could you imagine vaping with only tobacco flavors? Or not being able to use a device powerful enough to satisfy your cravings? That would create the result that the tobacco industry wants, rendering vaping useless.

This is one of those battles that only come around every few decades, maybe even once in a lifetime. The result will alter the future for millions of people directly and indirectly. This battle is all too important to get caught sitting on the sidelines. Even if you don’t smoke, you definitely have a friend or family member who does. Get involved now so your family and friends will have a less unhealthy alternative available when they are ready to make the switch. Visit to learn how you can help us win the war on vaping.