freedomHey, my name is Yogi Packs and I created Ippuku Ecigs to help spread the truth about vaping. Ippuku is a Japanese term which loosly translates to, “a puff” or “a smoke.” Hence the name, Ippuku Ecigs, which means loosly means puffing ecigs.

I am a serious vaper who fell in love with the art, and as you’re here, I’m sure you are interested in vaping too. Please check out my blog which has a ton of information about my favorite “hobby,” I guess you could call it. Vaping isn’t exactly a profession for most, but hobbyists are usually knowledgeable enough to own a vape shop.

You’ll often notice a huge shelf full of tanks and mods in the background of YouTube videos. These videos are shot by everyday vapers, like you and me. Eventually, when a person gains enough of a following, they’ll start to get free mods and e-liquid (free e-liquid is now illegal). When they first start off, they have a collection full of devices they paid for. It’s not uncommon for enthusiasts to spend several thousand dollars a year on vaping gear. In fact, it’s weird for a vaper to only own one or two mods. Vaping is one of those things you try and don’t like or you fall madly in love with it. It’s become a passion for thousands, maybe millions of people.

How I Started Vaping

big cloudsI was introduced to vaping by my good friend, Jasmine. She had been vaping for a little over a year and I was always curious about it. We had both been long-time smokers, smoking for over a decade. But she was first to make the switch while I was still puffing on the cancer sticks. I was glad to have her in my circle because I had someone who successfully switched to vaping to get advice from. She let try her mods many times before I finally got one of my own and decided to give it a go.

The first vaporizer I got was a cheap ecig. It was harsh but it helped me quit smoking. Jasmine recommended that I start there because it was where she started. She said having something the same size as a cigarette would help with the mental aspects of addiction. She was right. Using an ecig was very similar to a cigarette. Physically, there were small noticeable differences but nothing that really tipped me off to the fact that I was not smoking.

After feeling like I got my bearings as a vaper, I bought an ego pen. It was like going from driving a lemon to a BMW. I really enjoyed my ego pen for a while, but eventually got tired of it, as do all vapers. That’s when I made the leap to a box mod, which is what I currently use now. I don’t ever think I’ll get into mechanical vaping. I’ve tried some of Jasmine’s mech mods but it just didn’t add much more richness to my experience. I very happy with my regulated mods and sub ohm tanks. They’re light years better than smoking and produce smooth, rich vapor.